Sameer Sadhu

March 25, 2011

Shake Me Down, by Cage the Elephant

This song has been stuck in my head for about two weeks. So damn catchy.

December 20, 2010

December 14, 2010
MTV Launches Music Meter.

MTV has launched Music Meter, a music discovery tool for up-and-coming buzz bands. Much like Billboard’s recent Social 50 Chart, Music Meter’s charts reads off data from online music sites and other social media charts. However, unlike Billboard who have teamed with Next Big Sound, MTV has teamed up with EchoNest which not only collects social media and video data, but also includes the data of traditional outlets. 

I have to applaud MTV for this. It’s definitely a model that will help prolong the band’s buzz. However, I do have two issues with this.

How much of these eyes balls convert to sales is another completely different story. I think thats the most underlining issue about social media. How do you monetize this? Sales goes back to how deep are the pockets that back them - traditionally record labels’ pockets. Though with ventures such as Kickstarter (which I personally have my own issues with), it will be interesting to see the trends. Will label shift marketing budgets to more online and social networking platforms? 

Secondly, from a personal point of view, there are so many shitty bands on the internet. Just as absolutely stupid people got famous from things like MySpace (ie. Tia Tequilla, Jefree Star etc.), how many more shitty bands will become a product of this? Shannon  Connolly, VP of digital music strategy at MTV was quote as saying this: "It’s no longer about album sales alone, anymore — it’s about engagement.” As true as that statement is, its down right scary as whats engaging right now is shitty bands with neon shirts. Oh god, I can already hear more BrokenCydes and Millionaires… 

On a more serious note, it’s certainly where music is. I’m almost surprised how long its taken to develop with the mainstream media. Young bands, take notes of the importance of online presence. It’s more important than your $80 haircuts.

Mashable said it best:

The fact that such established music information sources as MTV and Billboard are now gauging artists’ popularity by their social media cache really highlights how important a strong online presence has become for an artist’s success.”

via Mashable.