Sameer Sadhu

June 18, 2012
Jobs: In Need of One

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April 15, 2012
Dear musicians,

Please stop complaining that your art is being devalued because people expect you to play for free. You can say no to offers that devalue you and stop acting like you’re a victim of society. Not everyone in the world gets paid according to their justification (just ask your designer friends who you probably tried to rope in to do your album artwork and t-shirt design for free). 

I especially dislike you when you complain that the Singapore music scene doesn’t pay you enough, yet you don’t reach out or expand your income streams (ie. publishing, merchandising etc.) It’s pretty basic business, and if you don’t see yourself as a valued business, why should anyone else? 


March 9, 2011

NewVillager is an art collective based out of Brooklyn. This video for their track LightHouse is immense. Directed by Ben Dickinson, It has a very avant garde feel, reminding me of the Club Kids scene due to their costumes, but its on a completely different level. Enjoy. 

via Stereogum

February 19, 2011
Kanye can do no wrong.

Except for that rubbish shoe line he did for Louis Vuitton. 

February 17, 2011
Banksy takes over Hollywood.

It appears that Banksy has made a move across the pond. HighSnobiety has published pictures of two recent Banksy sightings, including a Sunset Boulevard billboard. His recent film, Exit Through a Gift Shop has been nominated for an Oscar.